Thursday, November 14, 2013

back in blog. taco talk.

well, looky here. more than a year has gone and passed and i am back to the blog.
in the past 15 months i have thought about this blog 7 times, visited it once, and really really missed the act of shameless self-expression in the written english language at least three times. most recently today while i was washing dishes after lunch. and this, my friends, is the not-so-exciting moment that brought me back to the keyboard this evening. so, hi.

it has been a quick moving year-and-a-bit. in which i have continued to run my kitchen business in tel aviv, moved in with my chef-man, and ate a very lot of amazing meals both at home and out - and oddly enough, i don't think of any of them as missed opportunities for blog posts. (maybe thanks to instagram-but seriously, social media, blech, how much of ourselves is way too much? oh, AND my food photography skills have improved exactly zero in case you got your hopes up).

so, i'll start right back where i left off. a little nibblet of food-making advice, from this humble born-again blogger.
today, i made seafood tacos. i made the tacos. i made soft tacos!
here's how: 
mix corn flour, water, and salt. the best tortilla recipe is printed on the bag of flour.
between 2 sheets of parchement paper, roll the dough 1mm thin, then carefully lift the top piece of paper and press out a circle using a small bowl.

bake the circles (tortillas, but pronounce the 'l's' for maximum funniness) on a slightly oiled hot pan.
about a minute on each side.
here they are alongside a salsa fresca of small chopped tomatoes, cilantro, white onion, and hot pepper (dressed in lots of lime or lemon juice, some olive oil, and sea salt) and shrimp/calamari chipotle mix. with sour cream of course.
making tortillas is not for the faint of heart. the dough rips, the pan is hot, the timing is fast. but alas, today i had the strange desire to put effort into this task, and sometimes those spurts of directed energy at a certain task is just what you need 
to get something started. (again).


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