about me

oh hey.

thanks for reading 'i make me dinner'.
this blog was inspired by my love of cooking and passion for food (and also just wanting to show off and have people other than myself see how fabulous my culinary creations sometimes turn out...)
maybe the photos and blurbs will help to inspire some creations in your own kitchen. 
maybe this blog can give you, fledgling feeders, some guidelines and ideas for what to cook at home. 
or maybe all you'll get out of it is a chuckle.
who knows? i'm just glad you glanced over here, friend.

fyi, i don't write recipes down because, quite frankly, recipes are for chumps. 
as the canadian culinary author Jehane Benoît simply put it, 
"i feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation".
so...use what you've got, embrace the unknown, and have fun with it!
now go play!!